Like many livestock hog farms in Indiana, Sands Farms started out as a farrow to finish operation.  John Sands built his first barns in 1977 after graduating from Michigan State University.   It wasn’t until the early 1990’s that the farm decided to convert the barns solely to a wean to finish operation.  In 2013, the 7th generation decided to expand the hog operation, adding 4 new barns, in the span of 2 years.  Taking the annual production of 2,000 hogs/year to a jump of 38,000 hogs/year.  Sands Farms is currently raising pork products for Indiana Kitchen.

Sands Farms cattle division is primarily an Angus based herd bred to a Wulf Cattle Company’s Limousin Bull.  With 90% of the fed cattle being produced for local consumer’s freezer beef.  The cross of an Angus cow with a Limousin bull produces, Lim Flex calves.  The Lim-flex cross has achieved a balanced level of marbling, leanness, and flavor for our customers within our community.  Annually, Sands Farms  livestock finishes around 100 head of cattle, fed primarily grass, silage, and hay.  All cattle have access to free choice mineral.

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