Press Release – Featured Farm Family  8/16

Sands Farms, Indiana State Fair Featured Farmer, Expands Production
170 Years of Operation and New Expansion a Catalyst for Growth

SILVER LAKE, IN – (August 10th, 2016) Sands Farms, a Hoosier Homestead Farm operating in the same family since 1846 and spanning eight generations, is being recognized as one of 17 Featured Farm Families at this year’s  Indiana State Fair on August 10th.  This recognition marks an exciting year for the Sands Farm as they expand production from 1,000 head of hogs in active production to over 18,000 hogs.

“The family and myself are honored and humbled to be among such a prestigious group of Indiana Farmers to receive this recognition from the Indiana State Fair and other stakeholders at the Indiana State Department of Agriculture, Dow AgroSciences and farmers across the State, says John Sands, CEO of Sands Farms Inc.  The recognition comes on the “hooves” of a massive hog operation expansion over the last several years.  “Sands Farms made a strategic decision to expand from 1,000 head of hogs in active production to over 18,000 hogs to support the growing supply-demand for quality pork products and provide a safe and sustainable pathway for the next generation of Sands farmers”, says Sands.

Their expanded hog operation is supported by investments in the latest technology and processes to safely produce high-quality pork products and we feel compelled to properly educate the public about these advanced farming techniques.

The Sands family has also created unique offerings including Big Boss BBQ, founded and operated by John’s younger brother, Steve Sands.  The Sands brothers have created a unique “Pig Pen to Plate” model and have plans to expand into the Indianapolis market with the “Go Pig or Go Home” theme to reach consumers directly.  To reach this growth goal, Big Boss BBQ is planning an eCommerce site to promote and sell their Indiana produced, Indiana converted products in a direct-to-consumer model.  “I can say – this pig was raised just down the street,” said Steve. “It’s great to be able to cook and package our product and present it to the customer while educating them on how it was raised”.

Additional excitement has been generated in the Indianapolis market with the support of the founder of the “Taste of”, Jonathan Warren.  “The essence of what Sands Farms and Big Boss BBQ are doing is what the market is demanding now and expands the experience of knowing your food source in a unique way.  Their BBQ and sauces are fantastic and I plan to support their expansion efforts in the Indianapolis market.”, says Jonathan.

The Sands Family will be at the Indiana State Fair on August 10th, and they will be featured in a Live Chat at 2:30 p.m. in the Glass Barn presented by Indiana Soybean Farmers and attend the evening parade at 6:30 p.m.

About Sands Farms, Inc.
Sands Farms is a 100% family-owned and operated farm since 1846. Our Christian values, stewardship for the land, and love for animals make us who we are. Sands Farms grows corn, soybeans, wheat, and hay. We look over 38,000 feeders to finish pigs and our cattle operation is continually growing. We feel blessed to have been called to serve and take pride in doing what God has called us to do. God willing, we will continue to do so for generations to come.

About Big Boss BBQ
Big Boss BBQ is so much more than a street corner barbeque joint. Big Boss is the essence of what it means to be a barbeque lover. Anyone who has had the savory, delicious, mouth-watering taste of Big Boss will testify to that. There’s a reason folks line up out the door every Saturday and it’s to get what they can only describe as the Big Boss flavor. No one else compares and that’s a fact!

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